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Case Results

Calton & Burns, L.L.P. provides personal injury clients with fast, aggressive and quality legal representation. Below is a list of some of the cases recently handled by Calton & Burns and their resolution. Each case is different and the ultimate result of each case is dependent on its particular facts, therefore, these cases do not constitute a guarantee or promise concerning your individual case. Every case handled by Calton & Burns will be handled, however, with firm and aggressive legal representation.

$1,035,000.00 Combined total of amounts recovered for five plaintiffs in products liability cases against manufacturer of defective artificial hip implants.
$625,000.00 Total of two cases against an insurance company for value of a private "Paris" jet aircraft.
$475,000.00 Negligence case against major U.S. railroad passenger carrier. Calton & Burns represented a woman who was injured when the railroad train she was riding in de-railed, throwing her all the way to the front of her car, causing her serious injuries.
$300,000.00 Wrongful death of a wife due to the negligence of her husband in the operation of their private airplane while on a flight in Mexico.
$300,000.00 Client driving through green light hit by driver running red light, resulting in pelvic fracture and soft tissue injuries.
$225,000.00 Client's vehicle rear ended by concrete truck, resulting in low back surgery for client.
$200,000.00 Auto head on side swipe accident, resulting in surgery to client's neck.
$200,000.00 Husband on motorcycle with wife on back when driver of auto to their side made an unexpected left turn into the motorcycle, causing both husband and wife injuries. $100,000.00 each for total of $200,000.00.
$187,000.00 Air bag injury case due to air bag going off when vehicle hit a dog crossing the street, resulting in injury to client's eye.
$143,000.00 Loss of tip of finger and fingernail on dominant hand caused when client assisted person lifting heavy machine with pry bar and then left object drop on client's hand.
$130,000.00 Client rear ended by drunk driver who had a $100,000.00 auto insurance policy. Negotiated payment in excess of drunk driver's auto policy.
$125,000.00 Negligence case against home owner on behalf of a guest who fell in his pool, causing her to need extensive oral and facial surgery. The homeowner, in building his "infinity pool" had failed to properly illuminate the area around it at night.
$120,000.00 Slip and fall in gas station mini mart, resulting in surgery to nerves of Brachial Plexus (Right chest area.)
$100,000.00 Auto intersection side collision case involving soft tissue injuries and wage loss to client.
$100,000.00 Client stops for yellow light and is rear ended, causing injury to nerves of arm and hand.
$100,000.00 Slip and fall in hotel after client walks on newly shampooed carpet and steps into elevator with tile floor, causing her to slip and land on her knee causing knee injury requiring surgery.
$75,000.00 Auto rear end impact case, resulting in arthroscopic surgery to client's knee.
$71,000.00 Husband and wife both in rear end accident. $50,000.00 for husband and $21,000.00 for wife for a total of $71,000.00.


Auto side impact in parking lot case, in which client suffered soft tissue and back injuries.
$68,000.00 Auto rear end impact case involving primarily soft tissue injuries to client.
$52,500.00 Rear end auto accident, soft tissue injuries.
$50,000.00 Client is rear ended when stopped for traffic ahead on freeway off ramp. Soft tissue injuries to knee and back.
$50,000.00 Dog bite to face of minor girl, no scars.
$50,000.00 Client at water park when water tube he is riding down in comes loose during slide and he suffers back injuries.
$50,000.00 Auto illegal left turn in front of client case, resulting in soft tissue and nerve injuries to hand.
$50,000.00 Auto accident injuring breast implants requiring replacement of breast implants.
$50,000.00 Auto accident where other driver made illegal left turn in front of client, causing client injuries to her hand and arm.
$45,000.00 Rear end auto accident in which client also suffered broken nose and mild heart attack but who recovered.
$39,000.00 Loss of finger by private worker on U.S. Navy base due to failure of base to guard area around air condition fans.

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